Our staff

relationships are key to our work and these people make them


NameJob Title

Neil Perry

Neil Perry Chief Executive Officer

Angie Debenham

Angie Debenham Centre Manager

Hilary Jolly

Hilary Jolly Charity Shop Manager*

Stephen Wool

Stephen Wool Finance Officer*

Emma Gerrard

Emma Gerrard Admin Assistant*

Claire Swales

Claire Swales Admin Assistant*

Young Parents Programme (YPP)

NameJob Title

Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett Co-ordinator**

Emily Barton

Emily Barton Progressions Worker

Louise Bowett-Jones

Louise Bowett-Jones Child Development Worker*

Rachel Briant

Rachel Briant Development Worker

Judith Cork Outreach and Engagement Worker

Children's Centre

NameJob Title

Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett Children's Centre Manager**

Lisa Hancock Early Years Development Worker*

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews Family Involvement Work Co-ordinator**

Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens Administrative Assistant*

Fiona Wade

Fiona Wade Family Involvement Worker


NameJob Title

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews Family Involvement Work Co-ordinator**

Maria Bellow

Maria Bellow Play work Assistant*


Patrycja Burczyk Play work Assistant*

Emma Lindsay

Emma Lindsay Playgroup Leader*

Jacqui Sheppard

Jacqui Sheppard Playgroup Leader*

Social Inclusion Programme (SIP)

NameJob Title

James Bennett

James Bennett Children's and Youth Work Programme Manager**

Lissie Bradbury Progressions Worker

Mike Farrington

Mike Farrington North City Youth Development Worker

Matt Howell

Matt Howell Student CYM 2nd Year

Karl Lewis

Karl Lewis

SIP Music Worker (Sessional)*

Nikki Murray

Nikki Murray Student CYM 3rd Year

Kate Nation

Kate Nation Young Women's Development Worker

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders Cambourne Youth Development Worker

Tom Scotter

Tom Scotter North City Apprentice Worker

Dave Shuler Youth Development Worker

Avril Timson

Avril Timson Student CYM 1st Year

Lee Tomkies

Lee Tomkies South City Youth Development Worker

Aspire Programme

NameJob Title

Ruth Watt

Ruth Watt Aspire Co-ordinator

Transitions Programme

NameJob Title

Ellie Howes

Ellie Howes Transitions Co-ordinator

Gavin Howard

Gavin Howard Transitions Project Worker*

Naomi Message

Naomi Message Transitions Development Worker


NameJob Title

Jackson Nazombe Participation Officer*

Mental Health

NameJob Title

Steve Rudkin

Steve Rudkin Mental Health Worker

Fundraising and Communications

NameJob Title

Marie Nazombe

Marie Nazombe Communications and Development Manager

Martin Brooke

Martin Brooke Communications and Fundraising Officer*

Sam Hill

Sam Hill Fundraising and Communications Officer*

Karen Hosking

Karen Hosking Community and Fundraising Officer*

Management team


Neil Perry

Chief Executive Officer


James Bennett

Children's and Youth Work Programme Manager

Diane web

Diane Hicks

Operations & Resources Manager


Neil Thompson

Fundraising & Communications Manager


Sharon Whittle

Finance & Accounts Officer

Core support

Georgina Forbes new

Georgina Forbes

Fundraiser - Individuals and Community


Liz Harrison

Fundraiser - Trusts


Terri Rolph

Charity Shop Manager


Anna Pope

Admin Assistant


Marta ZieliƄska

Finance Assistant

Preschool group - Hemingford Road & Ross Street


Yvonne Burke

Preschool Coordinator

Valene Dear web

Valene Dear

Deputy Preschool Leader (Hemingford Road)


Jackie Erskine

Preschool Leader (Ross Street)


Sophie Mukiibi

Preschool Assistant

Sarah Wygard web

Sarah Wygard

Deputy Pre-School Leader (Ross Street)

Storm Evans 135

Storm Evans

Pre-School Assistant

sarah flory 135

Sarah Flory

Pre-School Assistant

Young Parents Programme

Louise Bowett Jones ID Badge

Louise Bowett-Jones

Child Development Worker

Judith Cork hi res 5 x 7 crop2

Judith Cork

Outreach & Engagement Worker - South Cambridgeshire


Beth Kirkman

Outreach & Engagement Worker - City


Ben Wilkes

Young Fathers Worker


Ruth March11

Ruth Watt

Programme Coordinator

heather 134

Heather Rogers

Development Worker

Youth Development Team

Mike F

Mike Farrington

Youth Development Team Coordinator


Jon Sanders

Lead Youth Development Worker (South and East City)

Richard Beckett crop

Richard Beckett

Youth Development Worker (South and East City)


Emma Slater

Youth Support Worker (South and East City)

Freya Black 134

Freya Black

CYM Student (South and East City)

Mark Stanyer 134

Mark Stanyer

Lead Youth Development Worker (North City)


Lewis Kahraman

Youth Support Worker (North City)


Craig Geange

Youth Development Worker (Sawston, Shelfords & Stapleford)


Jonathan Buwert

Lead Youth Development Worker (Cambourne)

Justin Lewis 135

Justin Lewis

Youth Support Worker (Cambourne)


Karl Lewis

Music Specialist Youth Worker


Toby Baffa-Isaacs

Youth Development Worker (Hampton, Peterborough)

dave reed

Dave Read

Youth Development Worker (Hampton, Peterborough)