Charity facts

The numbers for 2013-14



Aspire groups are attended by approximately 80 young people every week.

The Children’s Centre offered support and advice to 565 families. 45 families with additonal needs were supported through the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Early Support processes.

Playgroup has had the highest number of children with Child Protection Plans and CAFs - the indicators that identify high need or at risk children.

Transitions supported 266 young people across 29 groups.

Young Parents Programme coordinated support for 119 young mothers and 117 fathers.

Alternative Education secured 100% postive destinations for Year 11 and post-16 students - supporting their progress into education, employment or training.


Staff team


17 full-time members of staff

17 part-time members of staff




Income £900,236

Expenditure £1,0001,502

This deficit was funded out of reserves in accordance with agreed financial plans.