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Romsey Mill Centre
Hemingford Road


Main number: 01223 213162

This is the main switchboard number and will provide callers with a menu to connect to Romsey Mill Centre or Ross Street Community Centre.

#1: Romsey Mill's main administrative services

#1: Main Reception & Room bookings;

#2: Fundraising and Communications;

#3: Finance.

#2: Ross Street Community Centre 


Programme number: 01223 566092 

This number will provide callers with a menu to connect to all of Romsey Mill's Programmes:

#1: Pre-School;

#2: Aspire

#3: Young Parents Programme

#4: Youth Development Team

#5: Programme Manager



Both numbers have an option which states ‘For all other enquiries please press xxxx"  which gets the caller through to main reception at Romsey Mill, from where they can then be transferred internally to the required member of staff.



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