Children's Centre Consultation

18th July to 22nd September 2017


Cambridgeshire County Council Consultation on future provision of Children's Centre services (summer 2017)

Cambridgeshire County Council has launched a consultation on its proposals for the future delivery of Children's Centre services.

The consultation runs from 18th July to 22nd September 2017.

Details can be found here. We encourage all parents and families to take part in the consultation.


Romsey Mill's response to the consultation

Romsey Mill has published its outline response to the consultation questions, which you can find here.

If you would like to ask any questions of us about the consultation, or would like to share your story of how you have been supported by our Children's Centres, please email:


What else is Romsey Mill doing?

Romsey Mill is going to hold two public drop-in sessions for parents and other local people to come to Romsey Mill Centre, hear about our views on the consultation and have any questions answered.

The dates of these sesions are: Monday 14th August (between 7pm and 9pm) and Saturday 9th September (between 10am and midday).

These two sessions will provide an opportunity for parents and people from the local community to:

• ask questions about the consultation and share their concerns

• hear Romsey Mill’s views on the proposals

• consider their response to the consultation

• find out what else they can do to make sure their voice is heard by the Council